REVIEW: MOVING (2023) – A worthy watch of high-level Sci-Fi Action Drama.





Disclaimer – The article written as review here , might contain some spoilers. If you wish to watch this drama or are watching it right now please be aware of the spoilers.


Moving is indeed a masterpiece in terms of raising the bar in the Sci-Fi genre. The story unfolds around a group of special agents with superpowers who go into hiding with their children due to an incident in their organization. As time passes by their children grow up and harness the same powers as their parents. Towards the end, they join forces together to fight for their freedom with the organization that is hunting their fellow colleagues and killing them one by one.


A highly engaging storyline. As Korean dramas are known for swoon-worthy romantic plots. Moving makes a breakthrough in the less pursued genre (Sci-Fi Action) making it a worthwhile watch.


From the screenwriting perspective, the story is highly engaging, cleverly placing in cliffhangers. Every episode keeps you hooked on the plot.


This drama has a star-studded cast and placing every character with depth is done phenomenally. The main protagonists Kim Do-Shik, Lee Mi-Hyun, and Jang Joo-Won showcase the emotional and political struggles they face during their employment in their Organization. Their personality is well-defined and makes a remarkable impression on the audience.

Apart from these characters their children Jang Hee Soo and Kim Bong Seok also harness their parent’s special abilities which shows their own struggles of keeping these abilities hidden.

Apart from these some other noteworthy characters like Bungaeman and Lee Jae-Man, steals the heart of the audiences with their performances.

Let’s not forget about the negative characters like Frank, and Jung Joon-Hwa, who showcase their strengths as strong negative characters with their own time to shine.

One character that I felt didn’t fall into purpose was Yoon Sung Wook. Though this was a guest role, still I felt this character was not of much weight to the story.


The story is engaging and keeps you on the edge throughout the ending. The story does detach itself from the pace when the audience is revealed with the backstory of our main protagonists. But the story quickly gets back on track while approaching the final conflict, with enough drama and amazing fight sequences.


If we talk about action there are many fight sequences that add immense depth to the story and the characters. There are many in the whole drama but two of them are my absolute favourites.

  1. The Climax fight scene from the point Lee Mi-Hyun and Jang Joo-Won enter the school till the end when Bongsooka flies his mom back home is just amazing. I don’t even remember if I blinked or not during that whole plot, it was that engaging.
  2. Kim Doo Shik’s fight scene in North Korea where he goes to finish the final assignment he is given. The camera work is insane in that whole sequence.

There are many other fight sequences throughout the drama which are equally engaging and enjoyable to watch.


The last plot is where the whole hell breaks loose inside the school premises. Every spy (former and present) starts using their powers to fight each other, some fighting for duty and some fighting for their freedom, which makes this drama more commendable. We see an excellent portrayal of emotions and power, the strength of a family’s bond, and the power of performing your duty towards your nation.

The Reunion scene of Kim Doo Shik’s family is a perfect ending (cherry on the top).

Then comes the tease and hint of another season maybe where (OK I won’t spoil it for you) FRANK is seen alive and the organization still survives with a new leader. (Sorry I lied)

Now since we covered the Technical part of the review let’s dive straight into the emotional effects this drama has on me and probably to the ones who have seen it.


The most excellent approach to this drama is its unique storyline as per the genre it falls under. And let’s not forget Bongsook’s cute flustered moments where he starts to float when his heartbeat rises.

The action sequences this drama has are amazing, and highly appealing to the audiences.


One issue about this drama I felt was the reason behind why these characters had superhuman abilities. The story sheds no light on why they are superhuman.

I believe some of the characters could be more explored.

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