REVIEW: DEMON SLAYER (2019) – A Fantasmic Rollercoaster Ride of Action, Emotions, Humor and Demons.





Disclaimer – The article written as review here , might contain some spoilers. If you wish to watch this drama or are watching it right now please be aware of the spoilers.


Demon Slayer tells the story of siblings Tanjiro and Nezuko who after an unfortunate event of family slaughter embark on a journey of self-growth and revenge. After Nezuko turns into a demon suppressing her demon instincts and Tanjiro supports his sister despite her being a demon shows the ultimate form of family bond between them.

Their journey consists of struggles and fights both internal and external, leaving a strong impressive lesson in front of viewers about how strong will and determination can overcome challenges.


“Captivating 1st scene”, A perfect example of an engaging story hook to build curiosity for the viewers. We are introduced to Tanjiro carrying his unconscious sister Nezuko in the snow on his back all devastated. This instantly builds curiosity among the audiences and they are bound with eagerness to know about the fall of events that brought these characters in such a state.

We are then taken through the horrific event that both of them witnessed, that’s when we see Nezuko turning into a demon and suppressing her thirst for human blood, giving a clear representation of her good side.


Demon Slayer showcases some of the most loving and highly popular characters in anime history.

If we talk about Tanjiro’s character traits he is a determined character to take the path of revenge. Throughout all of the fights, we see Tanjiro pushing his limits to kill the demons he is fighting with. Apart from this, he is very self-disciplined which helps him to overcome every obstacle in his path. Slashing every ranked demon he is portrayed as climbing up towards his ultimate enemy.

If Nezuko is in the picture the audience is introduced to her immense self-control of suppressing her thirst. We see her pushing her limits within her own struggles and overcoming all the obstacles in their path. Her past memories of her family play an important role in her self-control, and we see how she transforms from a weak demon into a demon killer, with time, increasing her power and strength.

Some of the significant characters like Inouske and Zenitsu has comical personality. Inouske being a hot head and highly competitive makes his actions and personality funny, despite being strong and possessing excellent combat skills.

As for Zenitsu, he is a straight coward and crazy, except when he is not sleeping. He is a demon slayer but with the personality of a shivering mouse in front of a cat. Sometimes out of fear, he bursts into tears like a small kid scared of a ghost in the cupboard. But when that fear reaches a level (I will call it a personality switch) he falls asleep and turns into a demon killer with a shut-eye. Now apart from all these, he is a hopeless romantic, the guy goes crazy on discovering Nezuko and let’s not forget “NEZUKO CHAAAANN” I don’t need to explain this phrase, you know if you know.


This anime consists of a fast-paced storyline. We also see a good pace of character development from Tanjiro and Nezuko. Also, the fight scenes have amazing illustrations blended with CGI which makes this anime a visual treat.


There are 3 fight scenes that I absolutely adore

  1. The fight sequence between Tanjiro and Daki, who is later joined by Gyutaro. That whole 3 episode long fight is extremely enchanting keeping you on your edge.
  2. The fight with Kyujuro Rengonko and Akaza ends up killing Rengonko. It’s so far the most heartbreaking death scene in Demon Slayer.
  3. The third one is where Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya, and Takito are fighting with the Regeneration demon Hantengu and his other regenerated demon bodies. This fight scene ends up with the biggest plot twist ever seen in the whole anime. (Spoiler Alert) Nezuko overcoming the sun.

Now since we covered the Technical part of the review let’s dive straight into the emotional effects this anime has on me and probably to the ones who have seen it.


Okay, this is the part of the whole review that I can never stop expressing. But let’s keep it short.

This anime’s story narration, excellent cliffhangers, story hooks, character development, CGI, and engaging fight sequences are extremely captivating.

Apart from this how the fights become more and more diverse yet compact makes them unique. As the rank of the demon increases the fight is stronger and justifiable.


Now there is just one plot twist around which I can’t wrap my head is the last scene of Swordsmith Arc when Nezuko overcomes the sun. So I am waiting to proceed with Nezuko’s reason and let’s see how the story proceeds in the coming seasons.

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